EyeOnInventory is an online inventory management reporting tool that compares your store’s on-hand and sales information with national averages and industry benchmarks.

You’ve got questions...

Which category needs the most help?
How can I afford new products?
Which products should be returned?
Where do I start?

That’s where EyeOnInventory steps in. We’ve done the work to help you...

Focus on important inventory
Reduce non-selling inventory
Increase overall inventory turns
Reduce markdowns

How do we do it?

EyeOnInventory combines data from HUNDREDS of stores and presents you with concise, nationally-inclusive reports with key information updated daily.

What does that mean to you?

You can FIND and FIX your inventory problems!
You can eliminate and concentrate
You can save time and create a maximum-performance inventory

EyeOnInventory is FREE* to Christian retail stores who agree to share their data. Once you sign up, our expert technical staff will help set up your POS system to automatically and securely transfer your sales and on-hand data. From that data and the data of other stores around the nation, we’ll build focused, easy-to-use reports that tell you exactly how your sales and on-hands compare with national statistics.

Where Do I Start?

It’s easy; just click here to sign up. That’s all you have to do to start managing your inventory for greater profit.

*EyeOnInventory is free to retailers who are Bookstore Manager users and agree to share their sales and on-hand data electronically with EyeOnInventory.